Siqura for the Professional

The post COVID19 world needs more than disinfection.  It needs a solution to protect businesses, help reengage staff and bring back customers.
Most disinfected surfaces can be recontaminated moments after that have been cleaned. Siqura disinfects and protects in a single application offering ongoing protection against reinfection for up to 30 days on almost any hard surface and up to 90 days in carpets and fabrics.
Regular cycle disinfection and protection with Siqura will provide cost effective peace of mind for businesses, their staff and customers.

The Siqura Difference

  • CONTINUOUS PROTECTION – Provides continuous protection between cleans, ranging from 24 hours to 90 days.

  • BROAD SPECTRUM EFFECTIVENESS – Kills up to 99.999% of pathogenic microbes

  • BREAKDOWNS DOWN ORGANICALLY  – Derived from coconut oil and breaks down into natural organic compounds at end of life

  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS– Better for you, your business and the planet

  • 100% AUSTRALIAN OWNED AND MADE – Supporting Australian innovation



Carpet Cleaners

Disinfects and protects for up to 90 days

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Disinfectant Services

Disinfects and protects for up to 30 days 

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Download Siqura Professional Application Guide

Siqura Hospital Grade is effective against COVID-19

ARTG Number: 338686

Key Ingredients recommended by the World Health Organisation for effectiveness against COVID-19

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